1000 English Verbs Forms

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1000 English Verbs Forms
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  1000 English Verbs Forms Proper use of verbs is very important to speak and write correct English. Following is the list of Verbs in its forms S.No.   Base Form   Past Form   Past Participle Form   s / es/ ies   ‘ing’ form  1 abash abashed abashed abashes abashing 2 abate abated abated abates abating 3 abide abode abode abides abiding 4 absorb absorbed absorbed absorbs absorbing 5 accept accepted accepted accepts accepting 6 accompany accompanied accompanied accompanies accompanying 7 ache ached ached aches aching 8 achieve achieved achieved achieves achieving 9 acquire acquired acquired acquires acquiring 10 act acted acted acts acting 11 add added added adds adding 12 address addressed addressed addresses addressing 13 adjust adjusted adjusted adjusts adjusting 14 admire admired admired admires admiring 15 admit admitted admitted admits admitting 16 advise advised advised advises advising 17 afford afforded afforded affords affording 18 agree agreed agreed agrees agreeing 19 alight alit alit alights alighting 20 allow allowed allowed allows allowing 21 animate animated animated animates animating 22 announce announced announced announces announcing 23 answer answered answered answers answering 24 apologize apologized apologized apologizes apologizing 25 appear appeared appeared appears appearing 26 applaud applauded applauded applauds applauding 27 apply applied applied applies applying 28 approach approached approached approaches approaching  29 approve approved approved approves approving 30 argue argued argued argues arguing 31 arise arose arisen arises arising 32 arrange arranged arranged arranges arranging 33 arrest arrested arrested arrests arresting 34 ask asked asked asks asking 35 assert asserted asserted asserts asserting 36 assort assorted assorted assorts assorting 37 astonish astonished astonished astonishes astonishing 38 attack attacked attacked attacks attacking 39 attend attended attended attends attending 40 attract attracted attracted attracts attracting 41 audit audited audited audits auditing 42 avoid avoided avoided avoids avoiding 43 awake awoke awoken awakes awaking 44 bang banged banged bangs banging 45 banish banished banished banishes banishing 46 bash bashed bashed bashes bashing 47 bat batted batted bats batting 48 be (am,are) was / were been is being 49 bear bore born bears bearing 50 bear bore borne bears bearing 51 beat beat beaten beats beating 52 beautify beautified beautified beautifies beautifying 53 become became become becomes becoming 54 befall befell befallen befalls befalling 55 beg begged begged begs begging 56 begin began begun begins beginning 57 behave behaved behaved behaves behaving 58 behold beheld beheld beholds beholding 59 believe believed believed believes believing 60 belong belonged belonged belongs belonging 61 bend bent bent bends bending 62 bereave bereft bereft bereaves bereaving 63 beseech besought besought beseeches beseeching  64 bet bet bet bets betting 65 betray betrayed betrayed betrays betraying 66 bid bade bidden bids bidding 67 bid bid bid bids bidding 68 bind bound bound binds binding 69 bite bit bitten bites biting 70 bleed bled bled bleeds bleeding 71 bless blessed blessed blesses blessing 72 blossom blossomed blossomed blossoms blossoming 73 blow blew blown blows blowing 74 blur blurred blurred blurs blurring 75 blush blushed blushed blushes blushing 76 board boarded boarded boards boarding 77 boast boasted boasted boasts boasting 78 boil boiled boiled boils boiling 79 bow bowed bowed bows bowing 80 box boxed boxed boxes boxing 81 bray brayed brayed brays braying 82 break broke broken breaks breaking 83 breathe breathed breathed breathes breathing 84 breed bred bred breeds breeding 85 bring brought brought brings bringing 86 broadcast broadcast broadcast broadcasts broadcasting 87 brush brushed brushed brushes brushing 88 build built built builds building 89 burn burnt burnt burns burning 90 burst burst burst bursts bursting 91 bury buried buried buries burying 92 bust bust bust busts busting 93 buy bought bought buys buying 94 buzz buzzed buzzed buzzes buzzing 95 calculate calculated calculated calculates calculating 96 call called called calls calling 97 canvass canvassed canvassed canvasses canvassing 98 capture captured captured captures capturing  99 caress caressed caressed caresses caressing 100 carry carried carried carries carrying 101 carve carved carved carves carving 102 cash cashed cashed cashes cashing 103 cast cast cast casts casting 104 catch caught caught catches catching 105 cause caused caused causes causing 106 cease ceased ceased ceases ceasing 107 celebrate celebrated celebrated celebrates celebrating 108 challenge challenged challenged challenges challenging 109 change changed changed changes changing 110 charge charged charged charges charging 111 chase chased chased chases chasing 112 chat chatted chatted chats chatting 113 check checked checked checks checking 114 cheer cheered cheered cheers cheering 115 chew chewed chewed chews chewing 116 chide chid chid/chidden chides chiding 117 chip chipped chipped chips chipping 118 choke choked choked chokes choking 119 choose chose chosen chooses choosing 120 classify classified classified classifies classifying 121 clean cleaned cleaned cleans cleaning 122 cleave clove/cleft cloven/cleft cleaves cleaving 123 click clicked clicked clicks clicking 124 climb climbed climbed climbs climbing 125 cling clung clung clings clinging 126 close closed closed closes closing 127 clothe clad clad clothes clothing 128 clutch clutched clutched clutches clutching 129 collapse collapsed collapsed collapses collapsing 130 collect collected collected collects collecting 131 colour coloured coloured colours colouring 132 come came come comes coming 133 comment commented commented comments commenting
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