6 February 2009

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BRIEF TO PIA GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS MEETING. 6 February 2009. Takis Blanas APM PM CIE Personnel Airdrop Systems www.peosoldier.army.mil. Agenda. Purpose T-11 and ARAPS status CTQ Measurements QA for Personnel Airdrop Items. Purpose.
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BRIEF TO PIA GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS MEETING6 February 2009Takis BlanasAPM PM CIE Personnel Airdrop Systemswww.peosoldier.army.milAgenda Purpose T-11 and ARAPS status CTQ Measurements QA for Personnel Airdrop ItemsPurposeTo update PIA members on the status of upcoming acquisitions and QA effortsT-11 ATPS Status
  • Operational Testing completed
  • Feb – Oct 08 at Ft. Bragg, NC
  • 3,646 total jumps completed and exceeded required reliability of .9993 at 90% confidence – 3,289 jumps
  • Awaiting on ATEC Evaluation Report and Safety Confirmation
  • Type Classification, Materiel Release, and Full Rate Production
  • Anticipating approval decision from PEO Soldier and TACOM by end Mar 09
  • RFP to be released in MAR/APR 09
  • QPL procurement
  • FUE: 3/75 RGR RGT & RSTB – Mar 09
  • ADFS-QMC&S – 4QFY09
  • 1/507 PIR-USAIC&S – 1QFY10
  • 1/75 RGR – 1QFY10
  • 2/75 RGR – 2QFY10
  • 11QM – 3QFY10
  • MFF Advanced Ram Air Parachute System (ARAPS)
  • System Requirements
  • Provide increased jumper exit weight up to 450Lbs
  • Static Line and MFF capable
  • Reduced opening shock at exit altitude
  • EAAD compatible using 1500ft model
  • Commercial Off The Shelf system
  • Fully adjustable Harness fits the 5 to 95th percentile
  • MFF ARAPS Timeline
  • Responses to Request for Proposal (RFP) due 19 Feb 09
  • Evaluate proposals and determine competitive range
  • Purchase systems from companies within competitive range for design validation
  • Down select and award contract to one company
  • Testing
  • 3QFY09 Design Validation
  • Static line and mannequin drops at upper weights and altitudes to evaluate systems in competitive range
  • 1QFY10-3QFY10 Developmental Testing
  • Live jumps in static line and MFF configuration with selected system
  • 3QFY10-2QFY11 Operational Testing
  • Prove system reliability and determine system suitability and effectiveness for operations
  • Milestone C/FRP Decision 3QFY11
  • Control Charts for MC-6 Main Canopy (SF10A) CTQ Inspections
  • Illustrations of:
  • Process outside of Specification Limits
  • Process Shifting
  • Process Trending
  • Alignment of Manufacturers’ Data with Each Other and Specification Limits
  • Misalignment of Manufacturers’ Data with Each Other and Specification Limits
  • Process Outside of Specification Limits and Process ShiftProcess Shift
  • Black Line Indicates Specification Limits
  • Red Line Indicates Control Limits, or the Limits of an In-Control Process
  • Mean is Outside Upper Spec. Limit
  • At least 50% of Middle Control Lines will be out of specification
  • Process TrendingProcess Shift caused a Negative TrendAlignment of All Manufacturers’ Data and Specification Limits
  • All Mfrs. have similar Mean and Standard Deviation
  • All Mfrs. are within drawing specifications
  • Alignment of 2 Manufacturers’ Data and Specification Limits
  • Black and Green Mfrs. have similar Mean and Standard Deviation
  • Blue Mfr. has different Mean and Standard Deviation from other Mfrs.
  • All three Mfrs. are within drawing specifications
  • Misalignment of Manufacturers’ Data and Specification Limits
  • No Mfrs. have similar Mean and Standard Deviation
  • All three Mfrs. have a majority of data outside of drawing specs.
  • QA for Personnel Airdrop ItemsQuality Assurance continues to be an integral part of the procurement process for Personnel Airdrop productsQuality Assurance Team Members shall continue visits / audits of suppliers facilities during both source selection and production of all programsISO audits have been conducted at two parachute manufactures the Government is awaiting corrective action verificationISO audits will be completed at least three more parachute manufactures this fiscal year.If a full audit is not completed the follow subjects will be assessed Control of Document and Records, Management Commitment, Human Resources, Internal Auditing, Continuous Improvement, and Supplier ControlsQA for Personnel Airdrop ItemsReview supporting documentation to insure effective process and quality activitiesConduct product and process reviews, and continuous improvement activities with willing suppliersAssist in Problem Solving Keep all lines of communication open for problem identification, problem solving, corrective actions and continues improvement Verification of all suppliers: Berry Compliance Sub-contractor controls including Berry ComplianceAdherence to delivering a safe, quality products for the airborne SoldierPOC ListProject Manager - Soldier Equipment10170 Beach Road (Bldg 325)Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5850COL John McGuiness – PM SEQComm (703) 704-3322, DSN 654-3322john.mcguiness@us.army.milMr. Al Dassonville– Deputy PM SEQComm (703) 704-3321, DSN 654-3324al.dassonville@us.army.milProduct Manager - Clothing & Individual Equipment10170 Beach Road (Bldg 325T)Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5850LTC Michael Sloane – PM CIEComm (508) 233-4994, DSN 256-4994michael.sloane@us.army.milMr. Fred Coppola– Deputy PM CIEComm (703) 704-3828, DSN 654-3828fred.coppola@belvoir.army.milProduct Manager - Clothing & Individual EquipmentPersonnel Airdrop Team15 Kansas St (Bldg 3, R-235)Natick, MA 01760Mr. Takis Blanas – APM Personnel Airdrop SystemsComm (508) 233-6356, DSN 256-6356panagiotis.blanas@us.army.mil
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