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4/22/2011 Account Type: Basic Call drop in cell_FACH state | LinkedIn achmad amrulloh Add Connections Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs Inbox Companies News More Groups Only Smart RF Engineers 2G,3G & 4G Discussions Members Promotions Jobs Search More... Start a discussion ã Group rules Call drop in cell_FACH state Hi, Many times i have observed that there are multiple times cell update request for either cell Reselection or reentered service area , after which the UE drops to id
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  achmad amrulloh Add Connections Account Type: Basic HomeProfileContactsGroupsJobsInboxCompaniesNewsMore Discussions MembersPromotionsJobsSearchStart a discussionãGroup rules Follow sumanchandra- Call drop in cell_FACH state Hi,Many times i have observed that there are multiple times cell update request for either cellReselection or reentered service area , after which the UE drops to idle.Can anyone help whyit is not able to complete the cell update... 13 days agoFollowVijayakumarFollow AshokFollow sumanchandra-Follow Ashok 4 comments Updates: Last 7 DaysManager's ChoiceTop Influencers This Week Only Smart RF Engineers 2G,3G & 4G LikeCommentFollowFlagMore Sukhdev Pawar likes this Vijayakumar Pugazhendhi ãFACH will work in Dedicated mode, u talking about Cell reselection in idle Mode, So pls check it CCCH configuration, C1 and C2 Parameters... 13 days ago Ashok Joshi ãHi Suman,In the Cell_FACH a drop of the RRC connection might occur if the UE is leaving the RFcoverage area and upon selecting a cell the UE has to inform the UTRAN by sending aCell Update message with cause “Re-enter service area”. This happens when the UE can’tfind a suitable cell to camp on for at least 4 seconds. In the meantime the UTRAN mightalready have dropped the RRC if it had tried and failed to send PS data in the DL.It is recommended to make SRB and TRB in FACH/RACH robust by making the RLCtimers long, so to avoid call drop in case of short disruption in data transfer. Since FACHis a slow channel and there is no dedicated link so it can also suffer from contentionbetween different users. As a rule of thumb the RLC UL/DL timeout should be >15 sec forTRB_FACH/RACH and greater than timeout for DCCH_3.4k for SRB_FACH/RACH.BRAshok 3 days ago suman chandra- sharma ãHey hi Ashok,Your information could be quite helpful. Can you just elaborate what do you me mean byRLC Timer. 3 days ago Ashok Joshi ãHi Suman,The RLC is a layer 2 sublayer. RLC provides three basic tasks:1) Buffering2)Segmentation and Reassembly3)Error ControlThe RLC provides three different types of data transfer modes:1) TM data transfer2) UM data transfer3)AM data TransferAs soon as RXreceives a PDU from RLC Layer the RX sends a status report in so-calledSTATUS PDUs containing a detailed list of received and missing PDUs. STATUS PDUshave priority over retransmitted data. They can be sent periodically or unsolicited e.g. afterloss detection.when the delivery of a SDU cannot be managed because of e.g. repeated errors, thetransmission of SDUs is stopped and discarded on both TX and RX side. And Radio Linkassumed to be dropped and UE goes back to Idle.RLC Timer is the the timers for Lower and Upper layer which monitors the RLC PDU flowfrom upper and Lower Layers. If this timer expires then the RLC entities assumes thatRLC connection between the two entities dropped. And it signals unrecoverable error tohigher layers. If you will increase that timer that means the supervison timer for data flowwill increase and in case of short inactivity between the data transfer the RRC connectionRefresh your Knowledge in 10minutes RF GSM Mahesh VermaSee all » suman chandra- sharmapremchand jodukalluAmit Kumar Raut( Zanoni PedriniErika Sofia cocunubo More... Groups 4/22/2011Call drop in cell_FACH state |…1/2  Send me an email for each new comment.Add a comment... Help Center AboutBlogCareersAdvertisingRecruiting SolutionsToolsMobileDevelopersPublishersLanguage Upgrade My Account LinkedIn Corporation © 2011User AgreementPrivacy PolicyCopyright Policy Send Feedback will not drop.Hope it will be useful for you.BRAshok 2 days agoã Reply privatelyã Flag as inappropriate 4/22/2011Call drop in cell_FACH state |…2/2
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