Ancient Roman Religion

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Ancient Roman Religion. By: Iris . BELIEFS. Religion was polytheistic and it was influenced by Hellenistic Greece. ( Hellenistic Greece - period between 323 BC and 146 BC ) B elieved in many gods.
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Ancient Roman ReligionBy: Iris BELIEFSReligion was polytheistic and it was influenced by Hellenistic Greece. ( Hellenistic Greece - period between 323 BC and 146 BC ) Believed in many gods. Romans were/are highly religious and maintained good relations with their gods & goddesses. The Gods & Goddesses GODDESSES
  • Juno – queen of the gods. She watched over women.
  • Diana – goddess of the hunt and the moon. Dogs liked her.
  • Minerva – goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. She can’t marry.
  • Vesta – goddess of the home and hearth.
  • Ceres – goddess of the Earth, seasons and harvest.
  • Venus – goddess of the beauty and love.
  • GODS
  • Jupiter – king of the gods. Manipulated lightning & thunder.
  • Neptune – often moody. Controlled the oceans and the seas.
  • Pluto – king of the underworld and the dead.
  • Mars – god of war. No one liked him.
  • Mercury – messenger of the Gods.
  • Apollo – god of the sun
  • Bacchus – god of wine.
  • Vulcan – the smith god.
  • MARSMars, the god of war, is regarded as the father of the Roman people because his son is Romulus. Romulus is the founder of Rome.Because of Mars, Romans are known to be violent and find fighting to be entertainment. Social Status is also very important in Rome. In order to thank Mars, Romans made him an altar, a temple, and they have festivals in March for him. The origins of roman myths
  • Roman myths about their gods and goddesses were based off on the Greek gods and goddesses.
  • Roman mythology came 1000 years after Greek mythology.
  • Even though they were based off of the Greek myths, there are differences. Personal differences, traits, appearances.
  • Roman myths were found in the book Aeneid by Virgil.
  • Ex. In Greek myths, Zeus was worshipped the most. In Roman myths, Mars was worshipped the most.OFFSPRINGS
  • Most gods tend to fall for mortal women
  • Usually gods/goddesses are born by nature, but they can be born normally.
  • Most known and successful heroes are demigods, born from a god and a mortal.
  • Titan + Woman = God/Goddess
  • God + Woman = Demigod
  • Demigod + Woman = Warrior
  • Warrior + Woman = Man
  • ( This also works vise versa ) questions
  • Who is the founder of Rome? Who is his father?
  • Roman myths were based off of Greek Myths.
  • They came _______ years after Greek Mythology. sources
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