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  PRIMIGRAVIDA5MULTIGRAVIDA20PRIMIGRA5MULTIGR20USIA RISIK24%USIA TIDA76%TRIMESTE5TRIMESTE14TRIMESTE6 PRIMIGRAVIDAMULTIGRAVIDA5 Chart T Column 76.00% Chart USIA RISIKOUSI TRIMESTER 1TRIMESTER 514 Chart Colu  !u #$ m10&'(n7RS)Kl'n'#* UK * ImunisasiTT CrosstabulationImunisasiTTTotalSudahBelumUKtrimester 145trimester 6814trimester 606Total131225 lasan!er ent#alidtida$ diber 416da%at &ita312tida$ ada 18'2Total25100(re)uen  !u #$ m &'(n107Colum   +(# ('&$,'(!- '-m'n l 4 Chart Colum   T,'m$ -$, 1 14     T,'m$ -$, 1 2    CountBera%a$ali lasan * (e CrosstabulationCount1 $ali2 $ali(e lasanTida$ dibe301tida$a+a%at &ita201 lasanTida$ dibe40Tida$ ada '2,+a%at &ita30Total12211Tida$ ada 018Total'18UK * !end$es CrosstabulationCountia Kehamil TotalTida$-aUKtrimester 325trimester ,514trimester 156Total131225.asalah!er ent#alid/i%ertensi144.ual52020/i%ertensi4!usin144.ual20Ke%utihan52020!usin4oedema288Ke%utihan20$onsti%asi144oedema8tida$ ada104040$onsti%asi4Total25100100tida$ ada10Belum +a%at!endidi$an Kesehatan(re)uen #alid !er ent      Chart Colum T,'m$ -$, 1 2     T'(#4   T'(   T'(#4   T'(  12T'(# -u$lum   lasan * (e CrosstabulationCount lasan(eTotaltida$a lasaida$ diber404da%at &itamin 303tida$ ada ala01818Total'1825 T'(# -u
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