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City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works. Major Bridge Program. City Bridge Inventory. 179 City-owned and maintained bridges Relative comparison of bridge types:. Bridge Structure Inspection. In accordance with FHWA and WisDOT standards Conducted by DPW personnel
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City of Milwaukee Department of Public WorksMajor Bridge ProgramCity Bridge Inventory
  • 179 City-owned and maintained bridges
  • Relative comparison of bridge types:
  • Bridge Structure Inspection
  • In accordance with FHWA and WisDOT standards
  • Conducted by DPW personnel
  • FHWA certified Bridge Inspectors
  • Bridges inspected every 24 months, except:
  • Annually for:
  • Movable bridges
  • Structurally deficient bridges
  • Bridge Inspection Reports
  • Standardized inspection reports
  • Submitted to WisDOT and entered into their database
  • Highway Structures Information (HSIS) database generates a bridge Sufficiency Rating (SR)
  • Report:Photographs:Sufficiency Rating (SR)
  • FHWA standard measures service condition
  • Three separate group factors determine SR Rating
  • Structural adequacy (Deck, Superstructure, and Substructure)
  • Serviceability and functional obsolescence
  • Essentiality for public use
  • Condition and function are rated to current standards (not what the bridge may have been built to)
  • FHWA Coding GuideSufficiency Rating (SR) Cont’d
  • 100 percent would represent an entirely sufficient bridge; 0 is insufficient or deficient bridge
  • Rating is not a quantitative measure of safe versus unsafe
  • Example, a 50 year old bridge may be structurally adequate but deficient due to current roadway widths, standards, or clearance
  • Milwaukee Bridge Performance
  • SR of bridge inventory trending upwards
  • Milwaukee Bridge Performance
  • Relative comparison of SR for city rated bridges, 2010
  • Federal/State funding eligibility
  • SR < 80.0 : Bridge eligible for rehabilitation
  • SR < 50.0 : Bridge eligible for rehabilitation or replacement
  • Federal/State Program
  • Available only for those bridges deemed as federally eligible
  • Competitive application process for limited state-wide program dollars
  • Applied for on a 3 year cycle
  • Generally 80% Federal/State funded with 20% local share
  • Project schedule generally established by limits on available funding
  • Local Program
  • Bridges not deemed Federal/State eligible
  • Bridges in which Federal/State funds not available or insufficient
  • Maintenance work including structure repair, painting, mechanical upgrades, inspections, pre-engineering activities, etc.
  • Summary of Capital Bridge Program 2003-2012Questions?
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