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culpable. Guilty; blameworthy Adj He was found to be culpable and was fined Picture: A boy has done something wrong and is being questioned by his mother. He swallows hard, making a “gulp” sound. garrulous. Very talkative Adj
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culpableGuilty; blameworthyAdjHe was found to be culpable and was finedPicture: A boy has done something wrong and is being questioned by his mother. He swallows hard, making a “gulp” soundgarrulousVery talkativeAdjPaul was garrulous, so he was a natural choice to be the spokesperson.Sounds like Gary LooseThink of a talkative man named Gary Loose Lips. Gary’s lips are so loose, he can’t stop talking for a second.Genial Friendly; gracious; kindAdjI try to be genial, but my natural grouchiness inevitably comes throughSounds like: Genie AlPicture: A Genie named Al has just come out of his bottle. He is extremely friendly and wants to grant everyone’s wishes.antithesisOppositeNounIgnorance is the antithesis of knowledgeSounds like: anTEETHesisPicture: The teeth in your mouth. For every tooth, there is an opposite tooth.erraticUnpredictable; differing from what is normal or expectedAdjThe sleepy man was driving erratically.Sounds like: Ear AtticPicture: The owner of a house has installed giant ears on it near the attic. The neighbors commented “He’s always been unpredictable, but this is strange, even for him.pacifistPerson who refuses to fight; peacemakerNounIt was hard for Einstein, a pacifist, to support the war against Germany.Sounds like: Pass a fistPicture: A bully standing with his fist raised, but the smaller guy refuses to fight and walks past the fist.disparageTo say negative things; belittleAdjNo one likes to hear disparaging remarks.Sounds like: this asparagusPicture: Two vegetable farmers are ridiculing another farmers small asparagus. “Asparagus? One asks, “I thought it was string beans!”germaneRelevant; fittingAdjWhen writing an essay, focus on the germane pointsLooks like GermanyPicture: In a courtroom the lawyer asks the witness “what’s the capital of Germany?” The judge interrupts “I don’t see how that is relevant to this case. It’s not germane”precariousRisky; uncertainAdjMountain climbers often find themselves in precarious, potentially deadly, situationsSounds like: please carry usPicture; Two children following their father on a hike along the edge of a cliff. “Dad,” cries one of them “We’re afraid we might fall. Please carry us.”confoundTo mix up or to confuseVerbMagicians confound their audiences with a lot of distracting movementSounds like: gun foundPicture: A detective investigating a murder. The victim was found in a room with no windows or doors. The murder weapon, a gun, is found inside a locked cabinet. “I’m confounded,” admits the detective. “How did this happen?”rampantUnrestrained; widespreadAdjDuring the hot, dry summer, forest fires were rampant.Looks like: ramp antPicture: Thousands of ants running up the ramp to the ark. Noah is saying, “Two! I said two!”truculentAggressive; savage; cruelAdjPirates tend to be somewhat truculent.Sounds like: truck you lentPicture: Two men fleeing from a dump truck that’s about to run them down. One of the men lent the truck to the cruel driver.bequeathVerbTo leave behind or hand down through a will; transmitMany people bequeath large sums of money to their favorite charitiesPicture: the reading of a will “and to my son, Robert, I bequeath him something beneath him: the rug on the floor”insipidAdjectiveDull; flat; without sparkle or flavorAmy was surprised that her husband could enjoy such a boring, insipid moviePicture: A young child, sick with the flu. Her mother is trying to get her to drink some flat ginger ale to calm the child’s upset stomach. “In!” she says. “In! Sip it!meticulousAdjectiveExtremely careful about detailsBrian was fairly neat and careful about most things, but when it came to his stamp collection, he was absolutely meticulous.Picture: A man works at a pillow factory. He has to be very careful stuffing the feathers because he is ticklish.alienateVerbTo push someone away, or cause him to separate from people.People who think they know everything often alienate their friends.Sounds like: alien natePicture: Nate, a Martian, is standing apart from a group of Earthlings. They say “he’s weird, like he is from another planet or something.”despondentAdjectiveFeeling hopeless or depressedAfter the fire, Sam was despondent for weeks.Picture: A man who collects spoons finds one with a dent in it. It makes him very depressed.opulenceNounLuxury; wealth; richesTo many people from other nations, an average American home would seem opulent.Sounds like: opal fencePicture: An amazingly beautiful home. The shrubs were even sculpted to look like dollar signs. The best part of all was the opal fence, made from the precious stone.criteriaNounRequirements or standards used to make a decisionThere must be many criteria for selecting astronauts who will travel to MarsSounds like: cry tearierPicture: A director telling the requirements to an actress. “you must cry tearier” nostalgicAdjectiveWishing for a return to the way things used to be; longing for the past; homesickSeeing the old pictures of her parents made Katie nostalgic.Sounds like: nose tell cheekPicture: A face with sylish eyeglasses. The nose tells the cheek and says “I missed the old glasses”undermineVerbTo weaken by wearing away the foundation; sabotageCarol tried to undermine Don’s authority by starting a rumor about him.Picture: a diamond mine was found by a hard working woman. Her jealous sister secretly has been digging a tunnel under the mine in order to weaken its foundation.dogmaticAdjSticking to widely-accepted beliefs, even when faced with contrary evidence; closed-mindedReligious dogma must somehow allow for social change.Sounds like: dog medicPicture: a medic is arguing with a dog. The medic is insisting that there is no scientific proof that dogs can talk. The dog replies, “I think you’re ignoring some important evidence.”obtuseAdjDull; blunt; unintelligent; lacking sharpnessHis obtuse argument convinced no one.Sounds like: Hobb two’sPicture: Hobb is a young boy standing at the blackboard where he has written “2+2=97. Not exactly a genius. trepidationNounFearAlone in the house at night for the first time, Ed was filled with trepidation.Sounds like: Trap a dachshundPicture. Several young boys have trapped a dachshund who is standing in the cage and looking very scared.
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