CYP IAPT measure and data structures

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CYP IAPT measure and data structures. CYP IAPT Data Managers Training 28 Feb 2012 Plan. A guide to the overall structure of the CYP data spec Timetable for data submissions The export specification. Assessment.
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CYP IAPT measure and data structuresCYP IAPT Data Managers Training28 Feb 2012
  • A guide to the overall structure of the CYP data spec
  • Timetable for data submissions
  • The export specification
  • AssessmentBoth:
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
  • Revised Child Anxiety Questionnaire (RCADS)
  • Session-by-session
  • Symptom tracking:
  • At least one measures from the resource pack
  • (If none apply, then use the “how are you doing” Impact measure)
  • One of
  • Goals, or
  • General well-being (CORS)
  • Feedback
  • CSRS, or
  • Feedback questionnaire
  • Example symptom measure: PanicReview
  • SDQ
  • Data hierarchyThe data specification
  • Specifies what data should be collected
  • What format it should take
  • DemographicsPeriod of Contact examplesEvent examplesQuestionnaire examplesWindows for data submissionData to extractRecords which have been either
  • Created, or
  • Amended
  • during the submission periodFile typesData hierarchy again for exportData hierarchy
  • Questionnaire (QUEST) submissions also need an associated
  • Individual Contact (EVENT) file,
  • period of contact file (POC), and
  • Demographic (DEM) file.
  • Individual Contact/Event record (EVENT) submissions need an associated
  • Period of contact file (POC), and
  • Demographic (DEM) file.
  • Period of Contact (POC) submissions need an associated
  • Demographic (DEM) file.
  • Each Demographic (DEM) record submitted will not have an associated parent as it is at the top of the file hierarchy.
  • Upload processUpload pageService IDs for submissionsQuestions?
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