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eTutorial – Form 16A June 22, 2011 Form 16A from TIN ã As per Income Tax Department (ITD) circular no. 03/2011 dated May 13, 2011 Companies and Banks are required to issue Form 16A from TIN to their deductees for deductions made from April 1, 2011 (F.Y. 201112). ã Form 16A is available to registered TANs at TIN. ã Form 16A is available from F.Y. 201011. ã Form 16A can be requested from TIN by all category of deductors (example; Individual, Firm, HUF, Company, Government, etc.) Online TAN
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  eTutorial –Form 16A  June 22, 2011 Form 16A from TIN ã As per Income Tax Department (ITD)circular no. 03/2011 dated May 13,2011 Companies and Banks arerequired to issue Form 16A from TINto their deductees for deductionsmade from April 1, 2011 (F.Y. 2011-12). ã Form 16A is available to registered TANs at TIN. ã Form 16A is available from F.Y. 2010-11. ã Form 16A can be requested from TIN  by all category of deductors(example; Individual, Firm, HUF,Company, Government, etc.) Online TAN Account LoginScreen Online TAN Account –Request for Form 16A fileOnline TAN Account –Input Screen for Request forForm 16AGuidelines to request Form16A file Verification details: ã  To request for the Form 16A file, provide the followingupdated details (corrected details, if any correctionstatement is submitted and accepted) of the TDSstatement for the quarter for which file is required: ã challan/transfer voucher and ã deductee details  ã If statements for Form 26Q and 27Q are filed for theperiod of request of Form 16A (example, request for F.Y.2010-11, Q4), provide details pertaining to any onestatement.Example: if challan / transfer voucher details are providedfor Form 26Q, deductee details also should be provided of Form 26Q only.Question No 1. ã Provide details of any one challan / transfer voucheras reported in the TDS statement for the quarter. Guidelines to request Form 16A file Question No. 2 ã Provide details of any three distinctdeductee records (valid PAN andcorresponding deducted amount)present in the TDS/TCS statement.It is not necessary to mention deducteedetails associated to the challan /transfer voucher provided in questionno.1. Example:  Any of the ticked details can be mentionedduring verification In case of multiple entries for a PAN in TDS/TCSreturn, individual amount for a record is to bequoted not the sum total of amount deducted for that PAN . Guidelines to request Form 16A file ã If distinct deductee detail record inthe quarter is less than three thenprovide available distinct combinationof valid PAN of deductee andcorresponding deducted amount. For example:
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