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Image description. Better Health Channel logo End of image description.   Eye care - optometrists Optometrists are health professionals who are qualified to examine your eyes for vision and eye disorders, and for health problems involving the eyes. They can treat these problems, prescribe, supply and fit optical aids and provide expert advice on eye care and eye health. A range of services Optometrists have at least a four-year university qualification and must be registered with the Optometri
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   Image description. Better Health Channellogo End of image description. Imagedescrip   Eye care - optometrists   Optometrists are health professionals who are qualified to examine your eyes for vision and eyedisorders, and for health problems involving the eyes. They can treat these problems, prescribe,supply and fit optical aids and provide expert advice on eye care and eye health. A range of services Optometrists have at least a four-year university qualification and must be registered with theOptometrists Registration Board to practice. Optometrists are qualified to: ã  Diagnose eye disorders and diseases (such as cataract and glaucoma). ã  Pick up health disorders involving the eyes (such as diabetes and thyroid problems). ã  Examine eyes for vision disorders. ã  Prescribe, fit and supply glasses and contact lenses. ã  Analyse and treat eye coordination and focusing disorders. ã  Prescribe other specialised optical aids. ã  Contribute to the care of the partially sighted. ã  Some Victorian optometrists are qualified to prescribe therapeutic drugs for a range of common eye conditions. Expert advice Optometrists can also provide expert advice on: ã  Lighting. ã  Occupational eye safety and vision requirements. ã  General eye and vision protection. ã  Aftercare for contact lens use. ã  Fashion spectacle frames and appropriate spectacle lens materials and coatings. ã  Sunglasses. ã  Sports vision. ã  Vision related learning disabilities. A standard consultation A standard eye examination includes a screening for all common eye diseases, such as glaucomaand cataracts. The optometrist will also: ã  Talk to you and develop your case history. ã  Examine your eyes and related structures for any vision problems, eye manifestations of disease or other abnormalities. ã  Assess your eyes for a focusing disorder - such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism orpresbyopia. ã  Measure your eye movement and coordination. ã  Perform a broad range of further tests if required. ã  Refer you, if needed, to your local doctor or ophthalmologist (an eye specialist whoperforms major eye surgery and treats serious eye diseases). Optometrists provide a professional service Optometrists who are members of the Optometrists Association of Australia (OAA) strive tomaintain excellent standards of care. To do this, they: ã  Take part in continuing professional education. ã  Use the latest technology and information from Australia and overseas. ã  Agree to abide by the OAA Code of Ethics , ensuring a responsible and well-disciplinedprofession. Eye care - optometrists Page 1 of 2  ã  Are accountable for the quality of professional services offered. ã  Are willing to talk to interested groups. ã  Are available for advice. ã  Promote vision safety in the workplace, the home and in sports. Where to get help ã  Your local optometrist ã  Optometrists Association Victoria Tel. 03 9654 2122. Things to remember ã  Optometrists are qualified to provide a range of services. ã  Optometrists can diagnose and treat eye disorders and vision problems, dispense glassesand contact lenses, and provide expert advice on eye care. ã  Optometrists are registered professionals.   This page has been produced in consultation with, and approved by:  Optometrists Association Victoria   Copyight © 1999/2009 State of Victoria. Reproduced from the Better Health Channel (www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au) atno cost with permission of the Victorian Minister for Health. Unauthorised reproduction and other uses comprised in thecopyright are prohibited without permission.ã This Better Health Channel fact sheet has passed through a rigorous approval process. For the latest updates and moreinformation visit www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au.   Eye care - optometrists Page 2 of 2
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