GREEK Restaurant 離家五百里希臘美食餐館

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GREEK Restaurant 離家五百里希臘美食餐館. 班級:餐旅二乙 姓名:藍慧霙 學號: 4A0M0053 指導老師:羅尹希 老師. Restaurant introduced. Business hour : Monday(official holidays) 10:30 ~ 15:00, 17:00 ~ 23:30 (Tuesday to Friday) 10:30 ~ 23:30 (Saturday and Sunday)
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GREEK Restaurant離家五百里希臘美食餐館班級:餐旅二乙姓名:藍慧霙學號:4A0M0053指導老師:羅尹希 老師Restaurantintroduced
  • Business hour:Monday(official holidays)
  • 10:30 ~ 15:00, 17:00 ~ 23:30 (Tuesday to Friday) 10:30 ~ 23:30 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Tainan, full of local flavor, actually have a Greek restaurant operating a decade-long. Their decorations is Greek style, and the menu frequently changed, offered to guestsdifferent choices. Their dish always adhere to the original flavor. Most of the business persons and foreigners, and fewer students noticed this restaurant.
  • Location
  • No.80, Gongyuan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700
  • Decoration
  • The decoration is Santorini island style.
  • They decorated with Greek style of picture,modelling light and windows and so forth, to appear the Greece flavor.
  • Their seat arranged like a box and offered to a private space. Dishes introduced
  • Bread
  • This bread tastes like French bread, but chewing more and more bread fragrant.Pumpkin Soup This soup have thick pumpkin flavor and milk flavor.Shortbread Salad This dish taste very sour. Because they was heavily lemon juice and yogurt. Chicken Pie Like baked pie crust, there are chicken and bacon, and the cheese flavor is very thick. This dish is very delicious , and in accordance with each of the tastes of the people.Shrimp Pasta This dish was heavily spiced. Have olive, black olive, and Tamarindus and so forth. They put a lot of shrimp, about ten. Very utility.Cinnamon Rice Pudding This dessert is very special. It is different from general pudding. It is to use rice to boil. The person who likes dessert will like very much.Latte FrappeReasons for recommendation
  • Because they no matter decorate, atmosphere, cuisine is all very local, will not be like other exotic cuisine restaurant, for attracting Taiwanese's taste, and change original local flavor. They also really value guest, and when you have problem, he will be enthusiastic in helping you. Although its price is a little expensive, but each dish is a lot, you can eat very full.
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