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BP 6918 Strategic Management Batch 11 Section 12 Term Project - KBank Submitted to Dr. Somprot Sarakosas Graduate School of business Assumption University Prepared by 1. Mr. Nuttapon Wattanapornpilom 2. Ms. Pacharin Pakdee 3. Ms. Ruchira Thientrakarn 4. Ms. Waraporn Kongcharoen 5. Ms. Sangduan Khumkratok 6. Mr. Pierre Chouinard (Team Leader) ID. 5329176 ID. 5329177 ID. 5329181 ID. 5329183 ID. 5329184 I.D.5329186 Submission date 26th October 2011 Table of Contents Page Chapter 1: Executive Su
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  BP 6918 Strategic ManagementBatch 11 Section 12 Term Project - KBank  Submitted toDr. Somprot SarakosasGraduate School of businessAssumption UniversityPrepared by 1.Mr. Nuttapon Wattanapornpilom ID. 53291762. Ms. Pacharin Pakdee ID. 53291773.Ms. Ruchira Thientrakarn ID. 53291814.Ms. Waraporn Kongcharoen ID. 53291835. Ms. Sangduan Khumkratok ID. 53291846.Mr. Pierre Chouinard (Team Leader)I.D.5329186  Submission date 26 th October 2011 Table of ContentsPage Chapter 1: Executive Summary 3Chapter 2: Introduction and Company Background5Chapter 3: Strategic Audit on Current Situation and Managers 16Chapter 4: Environmental Scanning and Analysis18Chapter 5: Strategic Formulation and Implementation30Chapter 6: Strategic Alternatives and Recommendations, 31Evaluation and ControlChapter 7:Chapter 8: Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations43APPENDIXREFERENCES Page 2 of  52  Chapter 1: Executive Summary EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KBank continues to stick to its “Customer-Centricity” strategy, adjusting its moves with thechanging business environment here in Thailand and abroad.Using risk management, cautious loan management and good corporate governance, KBank still works on the development of products, services and financial innovations to keep onexpanding its business.With regard to its financial performance so far in 2011, a net profit was calculated mainly dueto higher net interest income and continued growth in net fees and service income.As of today, 26 Oct 2011, KBank’s consolidated assets are equaled to 1,672,341 million (-539million Baht), due to decreases in interbank and money market items (asset-side), but theBank’s consolidated loans has expanded (+84,063 million Baht), supported by loan growth inCorporate, SME and Retail Business.KBank’s capital ratio is shown at 13.57% which indicates that the Bank’s capital is strongenough to pursue future business opportunities like opening new branches in China and inIndia.K Companies are also doing good. KSecurities maintains its thirteen-place ranking in securities brokerage business, K Asset achieves growth in its assets exceeding the market growth rate andKLeasing and KF&E continues to register higher loan growth than last year with very goodasset quality.Muang Thai Life (MTL) has increased its market share compared to last year, securing itsthird-place rank in the market on earned premium and first-place rank in bancassurance’s new Page 3 of  52  earned premium.With dedication towards developing products and services in each and every dimension, plusongoing development of our human resource management, IT and the K-Transformation project, along with good corporate governance, KBank has not only been able to accomplishhigher business goals, but has also won the respect of its customers and of its domestic andinternational agencies. Page 4 of  52
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