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INVITATIONAL PRACTICUM IN METAEVALUATION Session 6, 10/13/11 (Dan). India’s Education Capacity Building Program & its evaluation DLS metaevaluation Chris Coryn’s comments re. the 2 metaevaluation reports, employment of JC Standards, uses of the metaevaluations , and next steps
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INVITATIONAL PRACTICUM IN METAEVALUATIONSession 6, 10/13/11 (Dan)India’s Education Capacity Building Program & its evaluationDLS metaevaluationChris Coryn’scomments re. the 2 metaevaluation reports, employment of JC Standards, uses of the metaevaluations, and next stepsDLS employed checklist and contents of his metaevaluation reportChris Coryn’sreflections on checklist-based metaevaluation and the more general approach by OwensDLS comment on applying checklistsStudent updates on finding a metaevaluation reportSample questions for next week’s testIndia’s Education Capacity-building Program(Chris)
  • Overview of the program
  • Roles of Corynand Cousins
  • Financing of the reform and their evaluations
  • Evaluation arrangements
  • Origin of the metaevaluation
  • Rationale for using the Joint Committee Standards?
  • Selection of 3 metaevaluators
  • Involvement of Cambridge Education Ltd.
  • Charge to the metaevaluators
  • DLS Orientation to the Metaevaluation Assignment(Dan)
  • Each metaevaluator should proceed independently
  • Tailoring of a checklist to the assignment
  • Issue re. draft status of new JC Standards
  • Obtaining and reviewing materials
  • Prohibition against interviewing the evaluators
  • Production of 4 reports
  • Meeting with some of the Indian evaluators
  • Next steps: summative metaevaluations
  • External Consultant’s Perspective on the Process(Chris)
  • Review of the Owens report
  • Resignation of the India-based metaevaluator
  • Contrast of the Owens and Stufflebeam reports
  • Fit of the JC Standards to the Indian context
  • Progress of the evaluation work in India
  • Impact of the India-based evaluations
  • Impact of the Owens and Stufflebeam reports
  • Next steps in the evaluations and metaevaluations
  • Checklists(DLS)
  • Manual Checklist
  • Filled in using Microsoft Word
  • Automated Checklist
  • Microsoft Access
  • Excel
  • Checklist-based metaevaluations
  • General, perceptual approach applied by Owens
  • Use of automated checklists
  • Locating metaevaluation reports
  • Locating evaluation reports
  • Sample test questions
  • Modified true-false
  • Multiple choice
  • Work sample followed by multiple choice
  • Matching
  • About 60 items
  • Reference to distributed test plan
  • Search Related
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