Iran Says to Complete Building 'Zafar'; Missile Soon

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Iran says to complete building 'Zafar'; missile soon Education Online May :: Home :: WMD :: Library :: News :: Iran :: 2011 :: Store Jobs White Papers Magazines Books Conferences WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMD) Iran says to complete building 'Zafar' missile soon ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency 1390/02/15 05-05-2011 13:48:59 News Code :9002-09755 TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad V
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  EducationJobsWhite PapersMagazinesBooksConferencesOnline Store   Home :: WMD :: Library :: News :: Iran :: 2011 :: May :: W EAPONS   OF M ASS D ESTRUCTION (WMD) Iran says to complete building 'Zafar' missile soon ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency1390/02/1505-05-201113:48:59News Code :9002-09755TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidisaid the country intends to complete Zafar (Triumph) missile project soon. Iran completes building Zafar missile project soon and there are other air defense projects on the agenda of the country as well, Vahidi said onWednesday on the sidelines of cabinet meeting. Zafar missile is of Cruise class.Meanwhile as to death of al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden, he said, Americans tried to act successfully in the issue, but the fact is that, thematter (death of Bin Laden) has been a big failure for them, he added. Americans stepped in Afghanistan under the excuse of killing or arrestingBin Laden, they came to Iraq with the same excuse. Statistics say onemillion people have been killed in the region, some 1,000 billion dollarswere spent and they imposed 10-year war to the region under the excuseof killing one person, Iranian Defense Minister added. They (Americans) inflicted much damage to the region to kill only oneindividual, he said as raising doubts about press reports on Osama BinLaden's death since his body was buried in sea. Why did not they allow to an impartial observer to confirm that the bodybelongs to Osama Bin Laden. Americans have faced a sever deadlock in their strategy and they try tomake a triumph for their selves out of the issue. They have faced a new attrition for their presence in the region and theyshould find a way out. End Item  Discuss this article in our  Osama Bin Laden dead Afghan refugees thankful Read now forlatest News & Photos Make Free Trip Slideshows Create stunning animated slideshowsfrom your travel photos in minutes! Ultimate Iraq War Website 48 video clips. In-depth analysis. Bushclaims vs facts.Free downloads Iran says to complete building 'Zafar'; missile soon of 25/7/2011 4:09 PM  Explore Content Iranian Defense Minister  WMD Reports Imposed 10-Year War WMD Systems  Complete Zafar  Osama Bin Laden Death Complete Building Zafar Missile Military Operations Military Facilities   Air ForceMilitary Information   Marine CorpsSpecial Operations  Naval Operations Military Budget  Military Countries  Indian Army   Advertise with Us   |   About Us   | In the News   |   Internships   |   Site Map   |   Privacy Copyright© 2000-2011 All rights reserved.Site maintained by:John Pike Join Digitalkoot now Help the Finnish National Library digitizearchives by playing games! Work & Live in Australia. Start the Visa Application Process. 3 EasySteps. See if you qualify. America the Resilient Osama Bin Ladin Dead Great Article by ZainabJeewanjee Real-Estate In Iran Houses, units & villas in Iranian Buy, Rent, Sellor Book accomidatio Iran says to complete building 'Zafar'; missile soon of 25/7/2011 4:09 PM
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