Leadership Development Seminar 08 SEP 2006

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Synthetic Environment (SE) Core. Leadership Development Seminar 08 SEP 2006. Mr. Fran Fierko Assistant Project Manager Francis.Fierko@us.army.mil 407-384-3572. MAJ Kenneth Gambles A&I Project Director kenneth.gambles@us.army.mil 407-384-5385. Agenda.
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Synthetic Environment (SE) CoreLeadership Development Seminar08 SEP 2006Mr. Fran FierkoAssistant Project Manager Francis.Fierko@us.army.mil407-384-3572MAJ Kenneth GamblesA&IProject Director kenneth.gambles@us.army.mil407-384-5385Agenda
  • Synthetic Environment (SE) Core Overview
  • Architecture & Integration (A&I)
  • OneSAF Objective System (OOS) Integration
  • Virtual Simulation Architecture (VSA)
  • Common Virtual Components (CVC)
  • SE Core Database Virtual Environment Development (DVED)
  • Standard/Rapid Terrain Database Capability (STDGC)
  • Master Database (MDB) Centers
  • Common Moving Models (CM2)
  • Summary
  • LVC-IALiveLive TrainingTransformation(LT2)VirtualSynthetic EnvironmentCore (SE Core)ConstructiveJoint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC)The “V” in Live, Virtual, Constructive Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA)
  • Acquisition program to meet the requirements of the Army-endorsed Operational Requirements Document (ORD). The SE Core ORD isJoint Certified and was approved by the Army on 3 February 2005
  • The “Virtual Domain” product line management approach integrated with the Army’s LVC simulation initiative
  • SE Core MissionSupport the Training of our Warfighters by providing:
  • The development of a Virtual Simulation Architecture (VSA) to provide a Common Virtual Environment (CVE) that links system and non-system simulations into a fully integrated and interoperable training capability.
  • OneSAF Objective System(OOS) Integration into AVCATT and CCTT and the development of virtual OOS composition as the standard computer generated forces for the virtual domain.
  • Development of Common Virtual Components (CVC) that will reduce redundancy, increase realism, and facilitate an integrated live, virtual, constructive training environment. (LVC TE)
  • Development of a standard Terrain Database (TDB) generation process to create a non-proprietary, open format, image generator (IG) independent, Master TDB (MTDB) consumable by virtual simulations, within a total development time of 96 hours.
  • Organization ChartFran Fierko (P)APMP=Program Office (gov’t)C=Contractor SupportM=Matrix (gov’t)Chief EngineerBill Reese (M)Deputy APMLeonard Hobbs (C)ContractsDoug Greenwood (M)Mike Hickey (M)Program AnalystLaurie Lancaster (M)Acquisition LogisticsGlen Wynn (M)Project Systems EngSusan Rodio (M)DVED PDGene Strickland (P)A&I PDMAJ Ken Gambles (P)Database Systems Eng Connie Perry (M)Lead ArchitectBrian Kemper (M)CVC CoordinationDatabase EngBruce Howie (C)Database EngMark Johnson (C)CVC EngMike Kochmann (C) OOSI EngAngela Chang (M)ERC/CVC EngRichard Deakins (M)NGATSHITSOISCTIALiveLT2OneTESSLeaderDMPRCDevelopmentSimulationsOneSAFDBST ConstructiveJLCCTCJCATSCBSTACSIMWARSIMSE Core Operational ViewFCSSOSCOEFCS Embedded Training Environment CCTTArmyBCSSoldier CATTOOS IntegrationAAR, LHN, EMT, TSP, UOI, VMCommon Gunnery Trainers Virtual Sims Standard TDB Generation Processes Net-Ready & C4ISR LVCSE Core Common Virtual EnvironmentIndividual Task Trainers CBRNE EffectsDynamic Terrain Common Driver TrainersJoint CC SystemsAtmospheric EffectsAVCATT Weapon SimulatorsNRFTT & PTTFlight Simulators SE Core is the virtual component of the LVCAAR – After Action Review; AVCATT - Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer; CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosive; CCTT - Close Combat Tactical Trainer; EMT -Exercise Management Tools; FCS - Future Combat System; JLCCTC – Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability; LHN - Long Haul Networking; NRFTT - Networkable Reconfigurable Full Task Trainer; PTT - Part Task Trainer; TDB – Terrain Database; TSP - Training Support Package; UOI - Urban Operations Insets; VM – Visual ModelsSE Core is an acquisition program to meet the requirements of the Army-endorsed ORD. SE Core RequirementsFunctional BreakdownA&I StakeholdersA&I Industry PartnersOneSAF Objective System (OOS) IntegrationVirtual Simulation Architecture (VSA)CVCs Cross the SE Core DomainsDatabaseVirtual EnvironmentDevelopment(DVED)CommonMov. ModelsCommonMath ModelsSE Core CVCsArchitecture &Integration(A&I)C4ISRAtmosphericEffectsDynamicTerrainAfter ActionReviewCBRNELong HaulNetworking“ENVIRONMENTAL”NetReadyDVED StakeholdersTPIO-TDNPSI160th SOARAFRLJoint/ArmyGeospatialDataEnhancementNVLDVED Industry PartnersSTDGC ProcessMaster Database (MDB)Generation CentersMaster TDBMaster TDBMaster TDBMaster TDBMaster TDBOrlando, FLCM2 RequirementsCommon Moving Models (CM2)
  • Phase I Set of 36 Models
  • Developed for CCTT
  • Delivered by Jan 2007
  • Transferred to CAE for configuration management control
  • Phase II Set of 240 Models (8 Lots of 30)
  • Developed by CAE
  • Delivered in Oct 2007
  • Supports Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC)InteroperabilityCommon TerrainCommon ProductsVirtual Simulation Architecture (VSA) DevelopmentArchitectural standard solution for virtual domain.Promotes reuse and interoperability for virtual simulations.Common Virtual Component (CVC) DevelopmentCost savings to customer by reuse and standardization (AAR, C4ISR, exercise management).Training Support Packages for full-spectrum training requirements.Streamlined acquisition and development process.Feeds PEO STRI Common Product Component (CPC) repository.Future Combat System (FCS)Terrain database processes.Virtual products for embedded training.Interoperability with current simulations.ONESAF Objective System (OOS) IntegrationFacilitates interoperability between virtual systems, LVC, and the Future Combat System.Facilitates training in the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE).Provides a common SAF across the virtual domain.Cost savings as a result of a common SAF baseline.Database Virtual Environment Development (DVED)Rapid terrain database development (96 hours) supports contingency planning and mission rehearsal.Available correlated terrain databases across LVC.High fidelity terrain databases that replicate Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosive (CBRNE) atmospheric effects.Urban operations, complex, and dynamic terrain.Significant cost savings through database reuse for multiple, virtual simulators.SE Core BenefitsBACK-UP SLIDESA&I Program CollaborationA&I Program CollaborationDVED Program CollaborationDVED Program CollaborationDVED Program Collaboration
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