Life in Medieval Europe

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Life in Medieval Europe. EQ: Describe the social structure of life in Medieval Europe. Knighthood in Medieval Europe. Young men went through stages of education and training to become a knight Page: Young boy Squire: Ages 12-18, assistant to knight Knight: got knighted from 18-21
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Life in Medieval EuropeEQ: Describe the social structure of life in Medieval EuropeKnighthood in Medieval Europe
  • Young men went through stages of education and training to become a knight
  • Page: Young boySquire: Ages 12-18, assistant to knightKnight: got knighted from 18-21
  • Tournaments: exhibitions where knights would fight on horseback and foot
  • Joust: knock each other off horses using lance
  • Health in Medieval Europe
  • Physicians: doctors wore silk robes, charged too much
  • Bloodletting: incisions to drain “bad blood” out of sick people
  • When graveyards filled up, the dead were put in rivers or in big holes until they overflowed
  • Justice in Medieval Europe
  • Accused could prove innocence through duel
  • Trial by combat: involved two knights who would prove guilty/not guilty through fight
  • Execution: death through beheading
  • Parliaments created laws and consequences to deal with problems
  • Commerce in Medieval Europe
  • Merchants: shopkeepers and traders
  • Peddlers: those who traveled around to sell items
  • Fair: gathering of traders and shopkeepers to sell and trade items
  • Peasants in Medieval Europe
  • Serf: peasants who are tied to a feudal lord as worker in exchange for protections
  • Serfs had 3 or 4 benches, a chest, and a table
  • Women serfs worked along men, cared for family, and woven clothes
  • Guilds in Medieval Europe
  • Craft guild: association of craftsmen who worked to together for better benefits and profits
  • Apprentice: young boy between the ages of 10-14 who worked alongside a craftsmen and learned a skill
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