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  This recording is copyright.IELTS HELP NOW listening practice tests. Test 9. In the IELTS test you hear somerecordings and you have to answer questions on them. You have time to read theinstructions and questions and check your work. All recordings are played only once. Nowturn to Section 1.Section 1. You will hear a conversation between 2 old friends who meet each other byaccident.First you have some time to look at questions 1 – 5. (20 second gap)  You will see that there is an example. This time only, the conversation relating to this will beplayed rst. John: Hello Frank. How are you?Frank: Wow John. Yeah I’m ne. How are you?J: I’m great thanks. I haven’t seen you since we left school. How long ago is that now? It mustbe 10 years, or is it 11?F: It’s 9 years now. So, 9 years, A, is the correct answer.Now we begin. You should answer the questions as you listen, as the recording is notplayed twice. Listen carefully to the conversation and answer questions 1 to 5. John: Hello Frank. How are you?Frank: Wow John. Yeah I’m ne. How are you?J: I’m great thanks. I haven’t seen you since we left school. How long ago is that now? It mustbe 10 years, or is it 11?F: It’s 9 years now. What are you doing with yourself? You were going to be a doctor, weren’tyou, or something medical, like a chiropractor?J: Well, I was going to be but that’s not what I did. I started medical school but I didn’t reallyenjoy it and the idea of doing it for 5 or 6 years and then continuing to study for years after thatdidn’t really appeal. So I left medical school and went into teacher training college to be ascience teacher  .F: And I thought for all these years that you were earning mega bucks as a doctor or workingin a pharmaceutical company!  J: No. Just a teacher! I love it though. I’m so glad I did it instead of medicine. And what areyou doing Frank?F: After school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I travelled for a couple of yearsround the world.J: Great. Where did you go?F: Lots of places but nowhere in Europe . I wanted to travel long distance! First of all Itravelled through India and Nepal. Then I moved into south east Asia for a few months. ThenI went through Australia and New Zealand. After that I went to Africa and went around variouscountries there. After that it was south America, central America and north America.J: How on earth did you afford all that?F: I just settled down and worked for a few months in places where I could get a job and savemoney. Then, when I had enough, I moved on. I wasn’t exactly staying in luxurious places though!J: And now what? You always wanted to work with computers, didn’t you?F: Yes. I remember that. However, when I nished all the travelling I thought of going intotravel writing but it’s so competitive. I always fancied journalism as well so I got into that andright now I’m working for the local paper  .J: Did you have to study for that?F: Well some people don’t, but I went to college for a year to do a journalism course and I’mglad I did as it gave me a bit of a head start and certainly helped me get my rst job.J: And are you married and kids or what?F: I married a girl called Liz that I met whilst I was in Australia. We haven’t had kids yet ,though we’re planning on having at least 2 or 3. What about you?J: Do you remember Kate who I dated whilst at school?F: Of course. The prettiest girl in the school! You didn’t marry her, did you?J: Yes. We managed to stay together all through college. She did teaching too so we were atthe same place for 3 years at college. We thought about getting married in our last year at collegebut it was all too much and then we were too busy the year after graduation. So we did it 2 yearsafter we graduated .F: Wow. I’m so happy that you guys stayed together. That’s great!J: Where are you living now?F: Oh, in Westley. In the high street actually. What about you?  J: In Westley too. We’ve got a at near the secondary school. Obviously then it’s easier to getinto work. Before the conversation continues, you have some time to look at questions 6 to 10. (20 second gap) Now listen carefully and answer questions 6 to 10. F: Listen, why don’t you and Kate come over for dinner some time?J: That’s a great idea. When?F: How about next Friday?J: Can’t do Friday I’m afraid. Both Kate and I have a parent teacher afternoon on Friday after school and then we’ll have to do the paperwork in the evening.F: What about Saturday then?J: That would normally be ne but our babysitter is away that night and we won’t be able tond one at such short notice. Why don’t you and Liz come over for dinner at ours and then we’ll beable to look after the kids? You’ll be able to meet them too.F: OK. Let’s do that then. Liz will be happy. She won’t have to cook!J: I’ll be doing the cooking when you come round. I love cooking.F: So, what time shall we come round? 8 o’clock?J: Well we’ll be home around 6.30 that night as we’re going out for the afternoon with the kids. I’d say come at about half past seven .F: Are you sure that’s long enough to get things ready?J: Well, that’ll be an hour. I don’t need more than that.F: And what’s your phone number just in case?J: 01347 835 825. That’s the home number. And the mobile is 07978 290 512. What aboutyou?F: I’ve only got a mobile. It’s 07623 963 957 .J: What was the last bit again?F: I’ll say it all again. 07623 963 957.J: And I’d better give you the address.F: Oh yes, that would help.  J: We live at Flat 3, Evergreen Terrace. It’s just past the church on the right. We’ve got apostbox opposite us and a doctor’s surgery next door.F: I should be able to nd that.J: Anything you don’t like to eat?F: Well, I hate sh and sea food and Liz doesn’t care much for red meat . She likes whitemeat though.J: How about chicken?F: That should be neJ: Oh yes. When you arrive none of the bells are marked for security and there are four buttons.  You need to press the bell second from the bottom .F: Second from the bottom. OK. Got that.J: I’ll be able to buzz you in and then come up to the rst oor and the door will be open.F: Great. Well it’s so good to see you again John. I’ll really look forward to seeing you onSaturday and meeting Kate again. And the kids of course.J: Yes, and I’m looking forward to meeting Liz.F: See you Saturday then. Goodbye.J: Goodbye That is the end of section 1. You will now have half a minute to check your answers. (30 second gap) Now turn to section 2.Section 2. You will hear a man giving a short talk to new students about their universitySports Centre. First you have some time to look at questions 11 to 14. (20 second gap) Now listen carefully to the short talk and answer questions 11 to 14. Good morning to all you new students here at Westley University and thank you for coming to thistalk on the Sports Centre. My name is Mr. Mike Finn. Later I’ll take you around the Centre on atour but right now I’ll just let you know what we have to offer and how you can become a member.We are at present in the main reception of the Sport Centre. Behind me we have the mainsports hall where a myriad of different sports take place. We have football, hockey, basketball,badminton, martial arts and netball to name but a few. We are also planning cricket nets and
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