NOAA Climate Observations and Services Program

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NOAA Climate Observations and Services Program. Dave Goodrich NOAA Climate Observations and Services Program. March 19, 2002. NOAA Climate Services. Overview. Vision and Mission Management and NOAA Roles Evolving Products and Services An Example: the Carbon Cycle Regional Services.
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NOAA Climate Observations and Services ProgramDave GoodrichNOAA Climate Observations and Services ProgramMarch 19, 2002NOAA Climate ServicesOverviewVision and MissionManagement and NOAA RolesEvolving Products and ServicesAn Example: the Carbon CycleRegional ServicesVision
  • Seamless climate services enabling
  • BBetter management of energy, agriculture, water, etc., through analyses, observations, and predictions
  • AAssessment of environmental impacts of natural and anthropogenically induced changes, and the effects of remedial actions
  • Mission
  • Timely delivery to decision-makers of
  • Data and products
  • Expert assessments
  • Predictions of climate variability and change on intra-seasonal to centennial time scales
  • Basic ComponentsExecutive Committee:AA’s for NWS, NESDIS, OARClimate Observations andServices Program BoardNOAA Climate ServicesManagementAdvisory PanelCOS ProgramOfficeNOAA Climate ServicesClimate Observations and Services Program BoardAnts Leetmaa (Chair) – Geophysical Fluid Dyn. Lab.Daniel Albritton – Aeronomy Lab.Robert Livezey – NWS Climate ServicesJames Laver – Climate Prediction CenterThomas Karl – Natl. Climatic Data CenterArnold Gruber – Office of Research and ApplicationsDavid Goodrich – Climate Obs. and Svcs. OfficePresent Lead Roles Within NOAAMajor Supporting ActivitiesProduct LineSatellite Obs., Data StewardshipClimatology, AssessmentsNESDISNWSOARModels,Surface ObservationsS/I PredictionResearch, Ocean Obs., ModelsDec/Cen AssessmentsNot inclusive; each line office has some responsibilities in each of these areasBuilding to the FutureExamples of New Products and ServicesBuilding on CCRIClimate assessment scenarios – exploring options for managing greenhouse gases and aerosolsRegular documentation of carbon sources and sinks, with particular emphasis on North AmericaRegular attribution of recent climate trends between anthropogenic forcing and natural variabilityRegular State of the Atmosphere reportsImproved local services through enhanced interactions with RISA’s, RCC’s, SC’s, and private sectorProduct: “Maps” of Carbon Sources and SinksWhere we were in 1998:• “3 box” world• Single 5 year period for “map”• Discrepancy between atmospheric and inventory methodsWhere we’re going-- near term:• Continental scale resolution• Seasonal mapsNear term improvements needed:• Atmospheric transport models• Additional stations in under-sampled regions and over continents
  • Carbon maps of the future:
  • • Fully dynamic, model-data
  • fusion products globally
  • • Local scale (10s of km)
  • • Real time
  • Future improvements needed:
  • Model-data fusion methods
  • Coupling with weather models
  • Satellite data/in situ validation
  • U.S. Climate Reference NetworkReal-time Network Performance Monitoring
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