Otto the Bear and His Great Adventure

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Otto the Bear and His Great Adventure. By Kylie Pell and Mandolyn Harkness. Once upon a time, there was a bear who was a character in a book. He loved to leave his book to have real-world adventures. .
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Otto the Bear and His Great AdventureBy Kylie Pell and Mandolyn Harkness Once upon a time, there was a bear who was a character in a book. He loved to leave his book to have real-world adventures. One day, while he was out adventuring, he met a cat named Mr. McCuddles. Mr. McCuddles explains that he has been chased into the wilderness by a mean bulldog named Bobo Baxter. “I need to find a new home,” said Mr. McCuddles to Otto the bear. Otto agreed to help. They take a plane to New York City. When they arrive, they don’t know anyone. They walked the streets completely confused, until they met Delilah, a stray Chihuahua that is local to the area. She showed them around NYC, but there were no houses or apartments that Mr. McCuddles likes. The crew headed to California next. Delilah was starting to miss NYC. Otto comforted her. “We will find you a new home and it will be a million times better than New York! I promise!” Delilah stopped crying. Soon, they found a new home for Delilah in California. Delilah wished them luck on finding a new home for Mr. McCuddles. Otto was really going to miss Delilah. Next, they go to Ohio. When they arrive in Ohio, they spot a man who works for the pound. He sees Mr. McCuddles and picks him up. He puts him into his van to take to the pound. Otto starts to cry. “My best friend has been taken away to the pound!” said Otto. He decided to rescue him. It took a lot of planning, but he figured out a way to rescue him. The next day, he snuck into the pound. Otto was frightened, but he managed to get Mr. Mc Cuddles out. When they left, they saw a woman. The woman was the owner of Bobo Baxter, but they didn’t know it yet. The man asked, “Do you two have a home?” They both shook their heads. “Do you want me to adopt you?” the nice woman asked. Mr. McCuddles nodded his head. “You’ll also have some friends! I own a bull dog and a beagle!” Mr. McCuddles was scared, but he still went home with the nice woman, whose name was Jenna.The woman adopted Mr. McCuddles. Bobo Baxter and Mr. McCuddles become best friends. Otto says his goodbyes to all of his new friends. He loves the real world very much, but he likes to be in his own story more. He looks out the window and wonders what amazing adventures he will have the next day. Then he yawned and went to bed.
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