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PROGRESS REPORT RHINO POACHING. Portfolio Committee Meeting 20 March 2013. OUTLINE. Poaching statistics, Arrests, Rhino related cases (Ms R Masela) Response to threat (Ms R Masela) DNA Sampling in Hong Kong (Ms R Masela)
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PROGRESS REPORTRHINO POACHINGPortfolio Committee Meeting20 March 2013OUTLINEPoaching statistics, Arrests, Rhino related cases (Ms R Masela)Response to threat(Ms R Masela)DNA Sampling in Hong Kong (Ms R Masela)Strategic objectives of the National Wildlife Information Management Unit (Ms R Masela)Legislative amendments – NEMLA (Ms Thea Carroll) Impact of legislative amendments (Ms Thea Carroll) Stockpile management (Fundisile Mketeni)Conservation management interventionsPOACHING STATISTICSARRESTS (2010 – 2013)Total cases on the roll 82
  • Charges include possession, dealing, illegal hunting, illegal possession of fire-arm / ammunition and trespassing
  • Current conviction rate: 75.9%
  • 26 Foreign nationals sentenced (Total accused convicted: 63)
  • Continued implementation of The National Strategy for the Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa
  • Review of National Strategy for Safety and Security of Rhinoceros Populations in South Africa to address emerging issues
  • Continued bilateral engagements with neighbouring, transit & consumer states
  • Permanent and consistent representation within the NATJOINTS to interface with all relevant national programmes and special projects
  • Inclusion of monitoring / patrolling on private land in Rural Safety Plan
  • Establishment of a detector dog unit within DEA in collaboration with National Border Management Coordination Centre
  • MoUs to be initiated with law enforcement agencies, and customs to facilitate sharing of information
  • MoU with Vietnam signed in December 2012 – implementation plan prepared
  • MoU with Thailand to be initiated in first quarter of 2013/2014
  • MoU on biodiversity specific matters with China to be finalised
  • MoU with Kenya to be finalised
  • Engagements with Mozambique and Zimbabwe relating to TFCA
  • Bilateral with Mozambique
  • A visit in August 2012 lead by DG-DEA, confirmed willingness from the HONG KONG authorities to allow DNA sampling and to subsequently release the horns back to SA for further processing .
  • A commitment was made to the HONG KONG authorities, that a follow up visit by the technical team would follow for this purpose once the MLA related issues are resolved.
  • Awaiting confirmation of dates to collect samples
  • Establishment of the National Wildlife Information Management Unit;
  • To support the Law Enforcement Agencies on collection, investigation and analysis of information to enhance case management and increase convictions;
  • Implement and review the National Strategy on the Safety and Security of the Rhinoceros population in South Africa;
  • LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENTS – NEMLAAdopted by National Assembly – submitted to NCOPPublic hearings in provinces through NCOP (Select Committee) Amendments include:Refusal, deferring and cancellation of permits – persons under investigationCompulsory registration of Professional Hunters, Outfitters and TrainersTransit provisions – documentation requiredAmnesty to facilitate complianceIMPACT: LEGISLATIVE INTERVENTIONS (N&S)AMENDED NORMS AND STANDARDSHunting by Vietnamese citizens suspended awaiting finalisation of inspections: February 2012Amended N&S came into effect: April 2012 Applications to hunt white rhino received per annum:Russian Federation (2012: 11; 2013: 4); Czech Republic (2012: 7; 2013: 5); USA (2012: 19; 2013: 2)IMPACT: OF LEGISLATIVE PROVISIONSRESTRICTIONS ON LIVE EXPORTSTO APPROPRIATE AND ACCEPTABLE DESTINATIONSJuly 2011 – MINMEC approved restrictions relating to appropriate and acceptable destinations for live export of rhinoceros. 101 live rhino exported to Asia from 2007 – 2011Live rhino exports endorsed at OR Tambo from 2007 – 2012: 223 White rhino exported to various countries (105 to China)STOCKPILE VERIFICATIONSecure electronic stockpile register system developedProvincial conservation authorities’ representatives trained: 7 February 2013Final amendments based on requests from provincial representatives: March 2013Access provided to trained officials – information to be captured by provincial conservation authoritiesEstablish satellite offices where there is no capacitySTOCKPILE VERIFICATIONSTOCKPILE VERIFICATION cont..Areasof uncertainty:When to announce Amnesty (before NCOP consideration of amendments?)Amnesty periodKeeping verified stock and liabilityCapacity to keep the stockpileBudget ConstraintsCONSERVATION MANAGEMENT INTERVENTIONS
  • Black rhinoceros Biodiversity Management Plan to published in the Government Gazette No 36096 for implementation
  • White rhino BMP framework developed
  • Establishment of a Rhino Sanctuary
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