Teaching Reading at Junior Secondary Schools: An Introduction

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Teaching Reading at Junior Secondary Schools: An Introduction. Wenzhou Institute of Education and Teaching Research CAO Dong Tel: 0577 8861 1730 Mobile: 0137 7778 3986 Email: Caodongwzcn@gmail.com. Do you teach reading? How?.
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Teaching Readingat Junior Secondary Schools:An IntroductionWenzhou Institute of Education and Teaching ResearchCAO DongTel: 0577 8861 1730 Mobile: 0137 7778 3986 Email: Caodongwzcn@gmail.com Do you teach reading? How?
  • Teaching all the new words to make the writing easier to read.
  • Making students do a huge amount of reading.
  • Making students do a lot of reading exercise (true/false, multiple choice, etc.).
  • ….
  • The purpose of teaching ReadingEmpowering students with sufficient reading ability.Reading ability Maximizing the comprehension of text, identify relevant and non-relevant information, and tolerate less than word-by-word comprehension. Purpose of teaching readingTo raise students' awareness of reading as a skill that requires active engagement, and by explicitly teaching reading strategies, teachers help students develop both the ability and the confidence to handle communication situations they may meet beyond the classroom. ____________________________________________________________________________Objectives
  • Students will be able to use a set of reading strategies to maximize their comprehension of an English text.
  • Reading strategies
  • Strategies to find out the general idea and the key information of a target text.
  • Strategies to find the key points and the specific information efficiently.
  • Strategies to overcome possible language obstructions.
  • 5.Teaching design
  • Students English level
  • Appropriate reading material
  • A practical teaching plan
  • Teaching arrangement
  • 40-50 lessons to teaching reading in three semesters in junior secondary school.
  • 20% of the teaching hours should be used to teaching the strategies.
  • 80% of it should be spent on practice.
  • Suggestion
  • Junior secondary school: teaching the strategies.
  • Senior secondary school: students practice applying the strategies in real-life reading.
  • Thanks.
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