The perfect age to learn a second language

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The perfect age to learn a second language. Kazuki Takahashi Mika Sugimoto Shigeka Mikawa Tomoko Takahashi Yuki Tosaka. How old were you when you first had your contact with English ? How? Why?. Do you think it was actually effective to start from then?. ADULTS.
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The perfect age to learna second languageKazuki TakahashiMika SugimotoShigeka MikawaTomoko TakahashiYuki TosakaHow old were you when you first had your contact with English?How? Why?Do you think it was actually effective to start from then?ADULTSIs over 12 years old English education…..Effective?What you heard before 12 years old is very importantThis is the reason for child English class or living abroad is effective for English speaking.PronunciationPeople who started English from… ElementaryAfter 12 years oldWhat should they do?Study GrammarELEVEN to SIXCritical Period
  • affects the educational policy-making of foreign language teaching
  • ends before the age of 11 or 12
  • It is better to learn Englishin this period!Experimental Studies
  • children's acquisition of a foreign language is different from that of adults‘
  • acquisition of pronunciation and grammar is also different because it involves a problem of physiologic aging process
  • Advantageless risky than the younger agesDisadvantageless efficient than the younger ages Ages 6-11EFFECTIVE Ages of over 12not effectiveFIVE to THREEMother Tongue3years old:Approximate 900 words4years old:1200 to 1500 words5years old:1500 to 2000 wordsJean Piaget(1896-1980)Sensorimotor stage:Birth to 2yearsElizabeth S. Spelke(1949-)Three-month-old babycan recognizea possible event andan impossible event.THREE to ZEROWhen do you want your kidsto start learning English?■0-3 years old■4-6 years old■AnytimeThe age of learning Englishas a second language13 1211 10 9 8 7 6 (y/o)4-6y/o0-3 y/oMaria Montessori(August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952)
  • Physician
  • Educator
  • Humanitarian
  • Sensitive Period:Appropriate periods of childhood developmentSensitive Periodfor learning language: About 7month to around 3years oldCritical period hypothesis:1) A specific and limited time periodfor language acquisition2) Limited time that kidscan listen properly (ex: R,l C,KReadingSpeaking WritingListening0year old: Listen to music at home2-3 year old:Old enough to go toEnglish class for funGood points
  • No hesitation
  • Immature
  • global mind
  • Unborn BabyScientific proof
  • Baby’s ears are formed by 5-6 months
  • Babies recognize their mother’s voice
  • Babies are listening to the sounds of outsideCase examplesCase 1: Japanese woman who raised genius kids Case 2: A girl who was autismCase 3: A girl who spoke EnglishUnborn babyVery effectiveAt what agedid you want to startstudying English?Conclusion
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