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  1 CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION Healthcare scenario is fast changing all over the world. Hospital is an institute  providing medical treatment for sick or injured people. With the changing era the concept of hospital is being changed. Hospitals are complex to manage where the highest caliber and best informed management is required an integral part of a social and medical organization which provides the population a complete health care, both curtain and  preventive service. The hospital is also a centre for the training of health workers and bio-social research. In the present decade India has emerged as a leader in information technology and more great studies in space technology, and there has been a tremendous  progress in the medical field. The improved economy has enabled the development of new well equipped hospital in many Indian cities, which can provide medical services. Indian doctors and nurses are highly skilled and possess expertise to carry out best available medical treatment. Globalization and privatization have also changed the functioning of the healthcare system. Today Indian health care industry is business driven and we can see entry of all sorts of service providers to be a part of this massive multi crore business, growing at the rate of 13% annually. The privative health network is spreading fast throughout the country. Economical, political, social, environmental and cultural factor influence the health care and the delivery of the health care services. Slowly but surely the health care market is changing from being primarily a seller’s market to buyer’s market. India is the hub for quality healthcare services and neighboring countries like West Bengal, Srilanka and Middle East Countries are flooding to India for medical treatment only because of quality health care services available in India. India has a good setup of experienced and qualified medical professionals. Every aspects of treatment in India is as good as in the developed countries, and India has the potential in several other aspects such as quality man power clinical and medical training access to latest technology nature pharmaceutical industry .  2 1.1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Coimbatore is a highly industrialized area within a fifteen kms radius of the city there are about five specialized eye care hospitals many smaller eye clinics and private  practitioners in addition to a large number of multi specialty hospitals which can also  provide eye care service under such highly competitive circumstances it is imperative to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction in order to maintain the exiting patient base and to attract more patients in the years to come. The patients are faced with many problems like difficult diagnosis, high cost of treatment unnecessary medical practices. In this context it is appropriate to identify the factors which influence the patient satisfaction towards hospital services and the reason for the patient preference of one hospital over the other. 1.2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY Consumer needs can be fulfilled based on their requirements and interest. In health care industry every hospital has to satisfy the needs and their requirements. The  present scenario is that the consumers are giving more importance for recovery than comfortable facilities from the highly sophisticated hospitals. In this juncture an attempt was made to study the role of Vasan Eye care hospital to fulfill the needs and wants of the consumers and the extent the hospitals are concentrating innovative practice towards the patients. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY    To identify the factors influencing the patients in opting the Vasan Eye care hospital.    To know the patient respondents on the customer care services provided by the hospital.    To evaluate the level of satisfaction of the respondents in utilizing the Vasan Eye care services.  3 1.4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY Area of the study The area of the study is Coimbatore district. Period of study The survey to the patient satisfaction towards service quality in hospitals lasted for a period of four months (December 2011  –   March 2012) Sampling size The size of the samples selected for the study is 150 consumers of Coimbatore city.  Sources of data The natures of the study involve both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from the patients by using questionnaire. The secondary data were collected from various journals, magazines and books.  Tools and techniques The following statistical tools used    Simple percentage analysis    ANOVA    t-test    Correlation    Kendall’s  coefficient of concordance 1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY    As this study is confirmed to the patients of Coimbatore city, this report is applicable to Coimbatore city alone.    The study is conducted to know the facilities available to both the Inpatient and Outpatient.    Sample size has been restricted to 150 samples due to time constraints.  4 1.6 REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Mehta (2001) 1  In his study impact of employee involvement on the effectiveness of Health Information Technology .  Points out that training effectiveness s department on towards considerations .Firstly trainers are fully responsible for training. If the employees do not show the result, the trainer should be held accountable for it. Secondly training effectiveness depends on the kind of atmosphere.  Choubey, R.R (2002 ) 2  In his study reports on hospital security and maintenance service   Hospital is an organization which provides relief and care for sickness and disease. Adequate protection of hospital assets and personnel in addition to the patients and attendants is a very important issue. Safely and security services are mandatory in a hospital as it is important public place delivering health care to the community. A.K.Sivakumar (2003) 3  According to his study improving patient satisfaction in hospital care settings an important factor in assessing patient satisfaction community Eye health discuss that the preparation of patient satisfaction questionnaire is based on textbooks one’s own perception & similar forms used at other hospitals. This process often reflects the providers’ perception of factors influe ncing satisfaction perpetuating their shortcomings and not adequately dealing with necessary cultural social variations. Dayan (2004 ) 4  In his study service ethic compatible with professionalism there is growing interest to measure patient satisfaction and collect the views of patients about the services they use. Satisfaction is essential if we have to get people utilize services, comply with treatments and improve health outcomes. This paper reports the experience of Vasan Eye care hospital in designing an instrument to measure patient satisfaction and  be able to develop a satisfaction index for all units that should become a component of comprehensive health care quality assessment. It is hoped that this would interest national  partners and health stakeholders to get involved in assessing this important performance  parameter that has been forgotten for long.
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