Virtual Terminal POP Check Processing

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Virtual Terminal POP Check ProcessingAmerican PaymentExchangeWhat is the Virtual Terminal?The ECHOVirtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that enables…
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Virtual Terminal POP Check ProcessingAmerican PaymentExchangeWhat is the Virtual Terminal?The ECHOVirtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that enables businesses to process credit card and electronic check transactions from any computer equipped with a Web browser and Internet access.After you log-on click here to access the Virtual Terminal818>32341188The Transaction MenuCredit card transactions – “grayed out” when you process checks only.Check transaction menu – with POP and ARC at bottom.A Closer Look at the MenuClick the imager you are using. This begins your POP transaction.One-time Set-up For Your ImagerClick the COM Port your reader is attached to . . . 818>32341188ECHO/CUSTOMERYou’re Ready to Roll!The Imager AwaitsFeed the Check to Begin432168509304392013918439Y3293920TR932024EE9222812.00EHCO/CUSTOMER{* Fields are requiredCheck data is populated when you scan the check.Click submit to processDrivers License Reader in Action432168509304392013918439Y3293920TR932024EE9222812.00ECHO/CUSTOMERP320203Your Image Has Been Uploaded!ECHO/CUSTOMER NAME23432 CHECKSUM LANECUCAMUNGA, CA 90210804-867-5309804-234-2341483795632XXXXXX65739Receipt Ready to PrintHave your customer sign here.ECHO/CUSTOMER NAME23432 CHECKSUM LANECUCAMUNGA, CA 90210804-867-5309804-234-2341483795632XXXXXX657390933Declined transaction notification818>3234118(818>3234118)Reporting – Transaction ReviewSearch for your transactions by date range. 818>3234118Click a link to see detail.Verify that transactions have been processed to ECHO.Summary information for the date range.Viewing Transactions On the ACH SystemSelect all deposits, all checks, or all rejects.… or search for specific checks using a variety of search criteria.… or choose from these options (ECHO/CUSTOMER) 818>3234118 0002-422004-159014829-420211-429453029-234930-239044829-420211-429452309390940229850202 #2345034202394802398493 #2443854001393284738301 #9427342023928840293114 #58457923-42934-234828402-575920-769206748-936792-10285759293290448203948487592932904482039484875929329044820394848View of checks scheduled to be processed.User can click drop down to hold an item or to void it.You can hold up to 7 days or void immediately. (ECHO/CUSTOMER) 818>3234118 0002-422004-159013029-234930-239044829-420211-429454829-420211-429453854001393284738301 #9427342023928840293114 #5842309390940229850202 #2345034202394802398493 #2446748-936792-102858402-575920-7692057923-42934-23482759293290448203948487592932904482039484875929329044820394848US CA N34984020Summary status when holds and voids have been made. 4829-420211-42945 (ECHO/CUSTOMER) 818>32341183029-234930-239040002-422004-159014829-420211-429453854001393284738301 #9422309390940229850202 #2345034202394802398493 #2447342023928840293114 #5848402-575920-769208402-575920-769206748-936792-1028557923-42934-234827592932904482039484 #5347592932904482039484875929329044820394848 #23475929329044820394848US CA N34984020ACH Reporting -All Items ViewCheck Image Repository}Search criteria fields.Click “Find Image” to search349840200938592992975923027293948029543543424928540202502489324720483931Search Returns Five ItemsClick “Show” to view check image.Image with key information.Virtual Terminal Benefits
  • Flexibility - Access the Virtual Terminal to make payments anywhere you use the Web…office, home, laptop, a client’s office, PDA, tradeshow, etc., using a special URL.
  • Ease of Use - Check imagers connected to PC automatically populate data fields and upload check image.
  • Security – State-of-the-art firewall, PIN protection for users, and SSL encryption for transactions.
  • Virtual Terminal Benefits – cont.
  • Cost Savings
  • No need to purchase expensive POS terminals
  • No gateway fees
  • No monthly minimum fees
  • Ability to process electronic check transactions that will save on paper check processing costs and bank deposit fees
  • Faster funds availability (2 – 3 business days) when processing checks through the Virtual Terminal vs. paper check processing
  • Virtual Terminal Benefits – cont.
  • Full-featured Transaction Set
  • Choose only the payment types you want to process through the Virtual Terminal.
  • Credit, check verification and electronic check payment transactions available.
  • Online, Real-time Reporting – Review summary information for the day, week or month, or view detailed, real-time, transaction information.
  • 24-Hour Customer Support – Our team of customer support specialists are ready to assist you from implementation of the service and training to answering your questions 24-7-365.
  • Payment Type
  • Electronic Check Transactions
  • Check Verification (DV) – merchant verifies check and processes paper
  • Electronic Check Deposit with Verification (DD) – WEB, TEL, PPD, CCD
  • Electronic Check Deposit, ACH Only (DH)
  • Electronic Check Credit (DC)
  • Point-of-Purchase (POP)
  • Accounts Receivable Entry (ARC)
  • Virtual Terminal – POP in ReviewPoint-Of-Purchase (POP) Transaction
  • Customer is present
  • Imager is connected to PC
  • MICR field automatically populates when check is scanned (cannot be modified by merchant)
  • Merchant inputs Amount
  • Merchant swipes driver’s license, if imager with a card reader is used, or manually inputs DL info
  • If approved, an authorization/receipt prints
  • Customer signs “Merchant Copy” of receipt
  • Merchant gives the “Customer Copy” of receipt to the customer
  • Merchant stamps the check “void” and returns check to the customer
  • Transaction is governed by Regulation E and NACHA
  • For Virtual Terminal Point-Of-Purchase Check ProcessingContact:American PaymentEXchange256Garner Drive·Mabank Texas 75156Phone 903-451-9590·Email"Providing consumers convenience and payment transfer solutions business leaders depend on is our business"
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