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Vocab 10. Aquatic – Growing or living in or on water There are many strange aquatic animals in the deep blue sea!. 2) Assert – To say firmly; to declare When you are in charge, you need to assert yourself!. 3) Avert – To keep from happening
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Vocab 10Aquatic – Growing or living in or on waterThere are many strange aquatic animals in the deep blue sea!2) Assert – To say firmly; to declareWhen you are in charge, you need to assert yourself!3) Avert – To keep from happeningThe driver averted the accident by being quick.4) Bleak – Without much hope; cold and drearyHer future looked bleak unless she graduated from high school.5) Blithe – Cheerful; carefreeThe day care center has a blithe atmosphere.6) Docile – Well behaved; easy to handleThe dog was docile enough to take to school.7) Dwindle – To keep on becoming less; to grow smaller in number or amount.My hopes to buy the dress dwindled as I went through my wallet.8) Lethal – Causing, or capable of causing, deathThe lethal injection is allowed in some states.9) Monitor – To watch closely and frequently; to observe and make noteWe have to monitor his health weekly.10) Mutilate – To hurt or damage by cutting into, cutting off, or cutting outPlease don’t mutilate my book!11) Nimble – Able to move quickly and easilyShe was nimble when it came to basketball.12) Plight – A difficult or dangerous condition or situationStudents who do not do their homework find themselves in a plight.13) Ponderous – Heavy and slow movingThe elephant made its way with ponderous steps through the clearing.14) Verge – An edge, border, or brinkShe was on the verge of tears.15) Vigilant –Watchful; ready for dangerA police officer must always be vigilant on the job.
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