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  CENTRAL LIST OF OBCs FOR THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL Entry No Caste/ Community Resolution No. & Date 1. Baishya Kapali 12011/9/94BCC dt.19/10/1994. 2. Barujibi -do- 3. Goala, Gope(Pallav Gope, Ballav Gope, Yadav Gope, Gope, Ahir and Yadav) 12011/9/94BCC dt.19/10/1994. 12011/68/98-BCC dt.27-10-1999 4. Kapali 12011/9/94-BCC dt.19-10-1994 5. Karmakar -do- 6. Kumbhakar -do- 7. Kurmi -do- 8. Moira (Halwai), -do- Modak (Halwai) -do- 9. Napit -do- 10. Satchasi -do- 11. Sutradhar -do- 12. Swarnakar -do- 13. Teli -do- 14. Yogi,Nath -do- 15.  Nagar (this does not include immigrant Maithili Brahmins and immigrant Nagars from other States who are Brahmins and Baniyas) 12011/44/96-BCC dt.06-12-1996 16. Karani -do- 17. Raju -do- 18. Keori/Koiri -do- 19. Sarak -do- 20. Kosta/Kostha -do- 21. Chitrakar 12011/68/98-BCC dt.27-10-1999 22. Malakar 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 23. Jolah(Ansari Momin) 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 24. Kansari 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 25. Tanti, Tantubaya 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 26. Dhanuk 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 27. Shankhakar 12011/96/94-BCC dt.09-03-1996 12015/9/2000-BCC dt. 06-09-2001 28. Jogi 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 29. Fakir, Sain. 12011/68/98-BCC dt.27-10-1999 30. Nembang 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999  31. Sampang 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 32. Turha 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 33. Bungchheng 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 34. Bhujel -do- 35. Kahar 12011/68/98-BCC dt.27-10-1999 36. Betkar (Bentkar) -do- 37. Sukli (excluding Solanki Rajputs who claim themselves to be Sukli) 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 38. Churihar -do- 39. Thami 12011/36/99-BCC dt.04-04-2000 40. Dhunia 12011/88/98-BCC dt.06-12-1999 41. Dhimal -do- 42. Bhar -do- 43. Lakhera/Laahera -do- 44. Rangwa -do- 45. Kasai-Quraishi 12011/36/99-BCC dt.04-04-2000 46. Kalwar -do- 47. Hawari, Dhobi (other than those included in the list of SCs) -do- 48. Tamboli/Tamali -do- 49. Tamang -do- 50. Khen (Non Bania category) -do- 51. Chamling -do- 52. Scheduled Castes converts to Christianity and their progeny 12011/44/99-BCC dt.21-09-2000 53. Rayeen (Kunjra) -do- 54. Hele/Halia/Chasi-Kaibartta, Das Kaibartta 12011/44/99-BCC dt. 21.09.2000 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 55. Nashya-Sekh 12011/1/2001-BCC dt. 20-06-2003 56. Shershabadia 12011/1/2001-BCC dt. 20-06-2003 57. Rai (including Chamling) 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 58. Bharbhuja 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 59. Dewan 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 60. Patidar 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 61. Banshi Barman 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011 62. Pahadia Muslim 12015/15/2008- BCC dt. 16.06.2011
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