XYZ Port Facility Maritime Security Exercise

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XYZ Port Facility Maritime Security Exercise. Date : dd-mm-yyyy. Port Facility Live Exercise. Unauthorised Items and Personnel in Facility and onboard Ship, Contingency Response Exercise LE 2. Scope. Date, time, location Aim Objectives Desired outcomes Controllers Players Materials
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XYZ Port FacilityMaritime Security ExerciseDate : dd-mm-yyyyPort Facility Live ExerciseUnauthorised Items and Personnel in Facility and onboard Ship, Contingency ResponseExercise LE 2Scope
  • Date, time, location
  • Aim
  • Objectives
  • Desired outcomes
  • Controllers
  • Players
  • Materials
  • Scenario
  • Communications
  • Safety
  • Debrief
  • For Controllers Only
  • Master Events List
  • Controller Tasks
  • Schedule
  • Start:
  • Estimated End:
  • Location:
  • Debrief:
  • Report by:
  • Aim
  • To enhance the proficiency of the port facility security team in handling unauthorised persons, items and contingency response.
  • Objectives
  • Security staff to handle routine security matter and contingencies in accordance with the procedures in the PFSP.
  • Security staff to handle unauthorised personnel and items in the port facility in accordance with the procedures in the PFSP.
  • Desired Outcomes
  • Able to respond correctly to routine security matters and contingencies.
  • Able to correctly handle unauthorised persons and items in the port facility.
  • Able to carry out their duties relating to all security matters confidently.
  • Able to suggest changes or improvements to the security plan and procedures, if any
  • Exercise Director
  • Mr. BBB
  • Control Team
  • Chief Controller – Security Manager or equivalent
  • Operations Controller – Operations Supervisor or equivalent
  • Technical Controller – Engineering Supervisor or equivalent
  • Simulator 1 – Assuming role of female intruder
  • Simulator 2 – Assuming role of contractor
  • Control Team (cont)
  • Simulator 3 – Assuming role of driver for car with stowaway
  • Simulator 4 – Assuming role of stowaway, may be substituted with a dummy
  • Simulator 5 – Driver of vehicle delivering ship’s store
  • Simulator 6 – A ship crew
  • Simulator 7 – SSO of participating ship
  • Technicians for X-ray machine
  • Participants (Players)
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • Security staff
  • Operations staff
  • Materials
  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle modified for stowaway.
  • Consignment of ship’s store and delivery vehicle
  • Ship in harbour
  • Dummy as stowaway, if safety cannot be guaranteed
  • Box of tool for contractor
  • Packs of white powder in a package, simulating drugs
  • Fist-sized packages for throwing over the fence
  • Envelops containing some paper, simulating money
  • Scenario
  • Criminal organisation has recently been targeting transportation nodes, as conduits for their illicit activities.
  • Police intelligence has revealed that the modus operandi involved surveillance of the transportation node, probes on the security system including the infrastructure and responsiveness of the security staff.
  • Communications
  • Mobile phone
  • 1234567
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • Player – Ch YY
  • Controllers – Ch ZZ
  • Other communications meansas required
  • Code WorkSafety
  • Physical safety of personnel is paramount
  • There is to be no physical contact between player and controllers acting as intruders, etc.
  • Security staff are not to use abusive language when talking to controllers acting as “intruders”
  • Do not neglect the safety of equipment
  • Debrief
  • Location:
  • Secretary:
  • Attendance
  • Any questions ?Following Presentation Slides arefor Controllers Only
  • Master Events List
  • Controller Tasks
  • Master Events ListController Tasks
  • Female intruder will know the ship’s name and the name of a crew member onboard. EPCT will decide on location where she throws the items over the security fence.
  • Stowaway should board the car before it reaches the port facility. If safety cannot be guaranteed, a dummy should be used
  • Toy weapon should be placed in the contractor’s tool box before arrival at the port facility
  • Controller Tasks (cont)
  • Contraband will be loaded onto the delivery vehicle before it reaches the port facility.
  • Upon completion, show document for delivery
  • Ship crew will bring envelope for exchange with contraband
  • SSO will report discovery of stowaway.
  • Any questions ?
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